Fury- Double Lock, EZ-Grip Handcuff Keys

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Fury Tactical

 Black  Nickel Finish
 Double Lock (Set of 2) Nickel Finish
 EZ-Grip Handcuff Key Pen Clip
 EZ-Grip Handcuff Key Keyring

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ModelDescriptionUPC Code
FP15402FURY Tactical Handcuff Keys - Double Lock (Set of 2) Nickel Finish766359154022
FP15403FURY Tactical 15403 EZ-Grip Handcuff Key Pen Clip, Black766359154039
FP15405FURY Tactical 15405 EZ-Grip Handcuff Key Keyring, Black766359154053

The Fury Handcuff Keys (Set of 2) are a universal fit for all double lock handcuffs. Standard issue key.

Fits Standard handcuffs (S&W, Peerless, Safariland and Fury Tactical).