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 Aluminum  Black  Blue  Brown  Gold  NAVY BLUE  Pink  Silver  Stainless  White
 Beretta Barrel Rest
 Beretta A300 Watch 40 mm Quartz
 Beretta A300 Watch 42 mm Automatic
 Beretta A300 Burnshed Watch 42 mm Auto
 Beretta Tactical Pistol Rug 8" with Handle
 Beretta Shooters Towel Pink
 Beretta Shooters Towel Navy
 Beretta Shooters Towel Blue
 Beretta Beretta Recoil Pad
 Beretta Double Blade Cigar Cutter
 Beretta Window Decal, White
 Beretta Window Decal, Pink
 Beretta Window Decal, Blue
 Beretta Window Decal, Silver
 Beretta Knife Sharpener
 Beretta Metal Briefcase Card Holder
 Beretta Logo Ornament
 Beretta Shotgun Shell Key Ring

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Most cigar aficionados prefer a double-blade guillotine cutter for its neat cut and ease of use. This heavy-bodied cutter features two stainless steel blades that deliver a perfect cut for an even burn. Slips easily into a pocket for safe, secure car