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Cold Steel- Fixed Knives

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Cold Steel

 Black  Stainless
 10BCJ1- Counter TAC I, Overall: 9.5 inches
 10DCJ1- Counter TAC II, Overall 6.75 inches
 12DCSJ1- Safe Maker II, 3.25 inch blade
 13Q- 3V Tai Pan, 7.5 inch blade
 13QBN- 3V Master Tanto, 6 inch blade
 13QMBII- 3V Magnum Tanto II, 7.5 inch blade
 13QMBIX- 3V Magnum Tanto IX, 9 inch blade
 13QMBXII- 3V Magnum Tanto XII, 12 inch blade
 13QRTK- 3V Recon Tanto, 7 inch blade
 13RTKJ1- Recon Tanto, 7 inch blade
 16CCB- San Mai Laredo Bowie, 10.5 inch blade
 16JSM- San Mai Trail Master, 9.5 inch blade
 20PBLZ- Peace Maker II, 5.5 inch blade
 20PBSZ- Peace Maker III, 4 inch blade
 20PHZ- Outdoorsman Lite, 6 inch blade
 20RBCZ, Roach Belly, 4.5 inch blade
 35ATCJ- San Mai Gurkha Kukri, 12 inch blade
 36CC- 3V Master Hunter, 4.5 inch blade
 39LABMS- Natchez Bowie in O-1 Steel, 11.75" blade
 39LSFD- Leatherneck-SF, 6.75 inch blade
 39LSFDT- Leatherneck Tanto, 6.75 inch blade
 43XLSS- Urban Edge Serrated, 2.5 inch blade
 53NBSZ- Bowie Spike, 4 inch blade
 53NCCZ- Drop Point Spike, 4 inch blade
 53NCTZ- Tanto Spike, 4 inch blade
 53NHSZ- Tokyo Spike, 4 inch blade
 80PSSK- Shanghai Shadow, 7 inch blade

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ModelDescriptionUPC Code
CS10BCJ1Counter TAC I705442013273
CS10DCJ1Counter TAC II705442013280
CS12DCSJ1Safe Maker II705442013303
CS13Q3V Tai Pan705442013372
CS13QBN3V Master Tanto705442013389
CS13QMBII3V Magnum Tanto II705442013396
CS13QMBIX3V Magnum Tanto IX705442013402
CS13QMBXII3V Magnum Tanto XII705442013419
CS13QRTK3V Recon Tanto705442015437
CS13RTKJ1Recon Tanto705442013495
CS16CCBSan Mai Laredo Bowie, Black Linen Micarta Handle,  Sheath705442006466
CS16JSMSan Mai Trail Master, Kraton Handle, Plain, Cordura Sheath705442001805
CS20PBLZPeace Maker II705442011408
CS20PBSZPeace Maker III705442014317
CS20PHZOutdoorsman Lite705442014331
CS20RBCZRoach Belly705442014348
CS35ATCJSan Mai Gurkha Kukri, Kraton Handle, Secure-Ex Sheath705442006916
CS36CC3V Master Hunter705442013624
CS39LABMSNatchez Bowie in O-1 Steel705442012160
CS39LSFDTLeatherneck Tanto705442012290
CS43XLSSUrban Edge Serr.705442012252
CS53NBSZBowie Spike705442014454
CS53NCCZDrop Point Spike705442014461
CS53NCTZTanto Spike705442014478
CS53NHSZTokyo Spike705442014485
CS80PSSKShanghai Shadow now with new guard and S.E. sheath705442009290
CS80PSSKXLShanghai Warrior705442013464

Cold Steel offers classic models as well as many camping and tactical fixed blade knives.