With over 30 years in distribution, ACK is the largest specialty distributor to stocking dealers.  We benefit vendors nationwide and worldwide with access to a large group of qualified retail dealers that add value to your brand and retail channels.

  • Warehousing and fulfillment services

               o Creation of custom packaging and product bundles

               o Product preparation for shipment into sellers that require additional packaging and/or


               o Order consolidation into one location with minimum order size or case quantity


               o Fulfillment services for brand stores

  • Brand Optimization

               o Create content for on-line marketplaces including product descriptions, bullet points

                  images and titles

               o Marketing campaigns and product positioning on third party online platforms

               o Expand product reach to additional markets under serviced or not serviced

               o Build brand store within both online and traditional retail

               o Placement of discontinued and overstock merchandise

  • Brand Monitoring

               o Unauthorized reseller enforcement and tracking

               o Price Tracking and Reporting with automated compliance communication for Minimum

                  Advertised Pricing policies

               o Anti-Counterfeiting Service monitoring resellers that ship into domestic markets and/or  sell at unsustainable pricing